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Welcome to Honey B’s Bakery, your sweet escape where tradition meets creativity! Located in Buchanan, Michigan and proudly serving a 75-mile radius, we’re all about bringing joy to your doorstep. I’m Jessica, the heart and soul behind our delectable creations. From cherished childhood memories to the business that has blossomed from them, every treat tells a story of love and passion. Curious to learn more about our journey? Click below to meet the face behind the bakery!

Adding Excellence

Here at Honey B’s Bakery, we are on a journey to find the best ingredients to use in our creations. This creates a more wholesome and delicious experience for our customers. We strive to use locally grown produce in our fruit fillings when possible, and we recently decided to start buying flour from Janie’s Mill out of Ashkum Illinois. Their flours are stone ground from organic grains, making them more nutritious and with none of the fillers or chemical processing you get in standard store-bought flour. We have also committed to buying free range eggs, local when possible. Organic, unbleached sugar and sometimes local honey (depending on the flavor and recipe) are used to sweeten our treats. We are continuously on the lookout for better ingredients to create more wholesome treats for our customers!