The Magic Behind the Apron

Meet Jess

Owner/Baker/Queen Bee

Hello, I’m Jessica, the owner of Honey B’s Bakery. I live on a small homestead that I am developing. Since I was a kid I loved baking and spending time in the kitchen with both my parents. My mom was the big baker, and we would make lots of things, but my fondest memory is making cinnamon rolls around Christmas time to share with friends and family. As I grew older, we added other sweet treats to our holiday baking and my love for baking continued to grow. Around 2019, I became interested in not only baking tasty treats, but making them look beautiful as well. My baked goods became popular enough with friends and family that I started to get requests from their loved ones, and the business was born. I started my official business in June of 2021, and have loved growing and developing more skills and adding more beautiful treats to our catalog. Thank you so much for visiting my website, I look forward to creating something beautiful for you!